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Continuous Professional Development with Regional Specification
Development Consultant - Ireland & UK – Stephen Clarke


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Profast is the leading Fastener & Fixings Solutions Provider in Ireland supplying innovative solutions for every application in a wide range of industries when it comes to fastener fixings.


Having over 40 years experience supplying major UK OEM’s we are confident in our abilities to provide our customers with expert advice on products specification, a competitive pricing structure and realistic lead-times, coupled with specialised managed stock systems that help our customers reduce the overall “Total Cost” of their factored products.


Profast sources parts globally using many accredited manufacturers as well as having an exclusive distribution agreement with one of the European leading manufacturers Rawlplug.


One of the major benefits of our agreement is our ability to source quantities of bespoke parts to drawings in batches of 100’s as well as the 1000’s and 1,000,000’s.


As a Specification Development engineer, Stephen’s main focus is connecting the dots together, working with consultants, engineers, architects, government bodies, sales teams, contractors and specialist designers on specialist and innovative projects being able to provide a solution effectively and efficiently is paramount in today’s manufacturing & construction world.


One of the many ways of spreading awareness of the products will be by delivering CPD seminars to 100s of businesses in the coming new year.


A role reliant on strong relationships & technical solution lead sales to maximise growth, profitability & market penetration.


Assisting in new developments and the rebranding of the business, 2019 will be very much a year of change for Profast and I will have the opportunity to develop and build new relationships over the Island of Ireland as they continue to add value to many businesses.


So if you would like to arrange a CPD presentation at your premises, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or your Profast area representative to organise the session.


Remember, Together Stronger.


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